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 What colour crayon are you?

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What colour crayon are you? Empty
PostSubject: What colour crayon are you?   What colour crayon are you? EmptyMon Apr 06, 2009 11:33 pm

See which color you mostly are by comparing the totals.

[x] You get angry a lot (when someone's pissing me off)
[x] You love the hot weather.
[x] You play a lot of sports.
[ ] Out of all your friends you are the most outgoing.
[x] You hate being pushed around.
[ ] You are very active.
[x] You get embarrassed often.
[ ] You love spicy foods.
total: 5

[x] You like soft music. (some)
[ ] You love anything that has to do with water.
[x] You love mints.
[ ] You are very collected.
[ ] You spend a lot of time outdoors.
[x] You are mostly organized.
[ ] Winter is your favorite season.
[x] You like elephants.
total: 4

[x] You are told that you make people happy.
[x] You help the environment.
[ ] You donate money to organizations.
[ ] You have a pet.
[x] You have a lot of plants in your house.
[x] You like camping.
[ ] You dress practical.
[ ] You give your old clothes to the Salvation Army.
total: 4

[x] You are loud.
[ ] You have a phone with a keyboard.
[x] You play basketball.
[ ] You are outgoing.
[x] You like being creative.
[x] You aren't afraid to show your true feelings.
[ ] You want to be a forensics scientist, an FBI agent, or something along those lines.
total: 4

[x] You follow trends.
[ ] You are considered preppy.
[ ] You straighten your hair ALMOST every day.
[ ] You only buy name brand clothes.
[x] You love small dogs. (and big dogs too)
[x] You listen to mainstream music.
[ ] You get your nails done.
total: 3

[x] Summer is your favorite season.
[ ] You love to tan.
[ ] Birds are one of your favorite animals.
[x] You are laid back.
[x] You would rather spend a day with your close friends at your house than going out partying.
[ ] You like lemon in your soda.
[x] You mostly drink water.
[x] You spend a lot of time watching tv.
total: 5

[x] You are often bored.
[x] You aren't very creative.
[x] You spend a lot of time relaxing.
[x] You like to save money.
[ ] You listen to classical music
[ ] You play piano.
[x] You don't judge people
[ ] You don't like shopping for clothes.
total: 5

[ ] You shop at Hot Topic.
[ ] You wear/wore black eyeliner and/or nail polish.
[x] You are often depressed.
[ ] People call you gothic or emo.
[ ] You always type in black font on MSN.
[x] Night is your favorite time of day.
[x] You hate school.
[ ] You listen to metal music.
total: 3

[ ] You often wear neutral colors such as brown, tan, gray, and white.
[ ] You just like to blend in.
[ ] You are very shy.
[x] Fall is your favorite season.
[x] You get good grades in school.
[x] I like the same kind of music as most of my friends. (most)
[ ] I wear my hair up most of the time.
total: 3

Tie between:
White, Yellow, and Red.
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What colour crayon are you?
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