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 20 Different Sections, 5 Different Questions

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20 Different Sections, 5 Different Questions Empty
PostSubject: 20 Different Sections, 5 Different Questions   20 Different Sections, 5 Different Questions EmptyTue Apr 07, 2009 1:11 am

[1] You;;
1. Most people call you?: Rain
2. When's your birthday?: Dec 4
3. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?: yup.
4. What are you complimented on most?: my schoolwork, probably..
5. What do you do for fun?: msn, facebook, myspace

[2] Family;;
1. Are your parents still together?: yup
2. How old are your siblings, if you have any?: none.
3. Are you the tallest one in your family?: nope.
4. Do you have the same name as one of your relatives?: no.
5. How many letters are there in your last name?: six.

[3] Friends;;
1. Do you have a lot of friends?: i guess.
2. What do you guys do when you're together?: stuff
3. Have you ever lost a friend because of something stupid?: yeah >.<!
4. Have you made any new friends this year?: some.
5. Who's the last friend you hung out with?: lots of friends.

[4] Your Best Friend;;
1. How'd you meet him/her?: online.
2. Do you live near eachother?: not at all.
3. How long have you been best friends?: a few months, even years
4. Do you tell him/her everything?: most.
5. Would you do anything for them?: sureeee.

[5] Boyfriend/Girlfriend;; (Skip if single...)
1. How long have you liked this person?:
2. How long have you been going out?:
3. Who asked who out?:
4. Do you love him/her?:
5. Do you think you'll be together forever?:

[6] Single Life;; (Skip if taken...)
1. How long have you been single?: ummm, like, since last year.
2. Who ended your last relationship?: me.
3. Do you wish you were in a relationship?: maybe.
4. As of today, do you like anyone?: MAYBE.
5. If so, do you think it'll go anywhere?: lol.

[7] Who's;;
1. A person you'd travel across the country to see?: a person? can't it be PEOPLE?
2. Someone you would do anything for?: friends, mom.
3. Someone you'd die for?: mom.
4. A person you've known for your entire life?: parents?
5. Your favorite person?: FRIENDS! FAMILY!

[8] Have You Ever;;
1. Sang a solo in front of a large audience?: noo!
2. Been in trouble with the cops?: nope.
3. Got a tattoo?: no.
4. Kicked a guy in the junk?: LOL. YEAH.
5. Pretended to be happy?: yup.

[9] Do You Believe;;
1. God?: sort of..
2. Satan?: uhh. i guess?
3. That everything happens for a reason?: sometimes.
4. In love at first sight?: uhhh.
5. That there's such a thing as true love?: sometimes.

[10] School;;
1. What grade are you in?: six.
2. Do you get good grades?: for most subjects, yeah.
3. Are you the teacher's pet?: HAH, no
4. Have you ever been sent to the principal's office?: yup.
5. Do you plan on going to college?: sure.

[11] Work;; (Skip if you don't have a job...)
1. How long have you been working at your job?:
2. What do you do there?:
3. What's your favorite part about it?:
4. Is your boss a pain in the ass?:
5. Do you think you'll work there your entire life?:

[12] Pets;;
1. What was your first pet's name?: um..i forgot, lol
2. Do you currently have any pets?: no.
3. Do you always remember to feed/water them?: most of the time, and if i don't, my parents will
4. Have you ever had a pet fish?: yes, but they all died. :x
5. What's the strangest animal you've had for a pet?: uhhh..iunno..none?

[13] Last Time You...;;
1. Told someone you loved them?: just now, especially for this question ;D
2. Had sex?: wtf.
3. Drove a car?: never
4. Went to Burger King?: forgot, lol
5. Made someone cry?: dunno

[14] Yesterday...;;
1. What did you do?: stuff
2. Was it a good day?: sorta..
3. Did hang out with any friends?: nope.
4. Did you get in any trouble?: no.
5. Was it better than today?: yeahhhh.

[15] Today;;
1. What day is it?: Monday
2. Did you do anything fun?: no.
3. Did you have to work?: no, unless school counts. o_O
4. Where did you go?: school
5. What are you doing tonight?: stuff.

[16] If...;;
1. Someone handed you a million dollars what would you do?: save it up x]
2. Your parents told you tomorrow morning you were moving across the country, what would your reaction be?: i would be like, "o_o"
3. You had free gas for 2 months where would you go?: iunno o_O
4. You had to get married tomorrow, who would you marry?: lol.
5. Smoking weed was legal would you do it?: wtf no ty.

[17] Food & Drink;;
1. What's your favorite food?: um. food. ;D
2. What about drink?: tea.
3. Do you drink pop/soda?: yah.
4. What's the last thing you cooked/made for yourself?: instant noodles, lol
5. Are you a good cook?: not really, no

[18] TV/Movies;;
1. What's the last movie you saw in theatures?: can't remember
2. What about at home?: this chinese one
3. Do you go out to movies a lot?: no xP
4. Who's your favorite character from your favorite TV show?: idk o_O
5. Do you watch a lot of TV?: haha, yeah

[19] Music;;
1. What is your favorite song?: lots.
2. Do you like the song 'Candy Kisses' by Amanda Perez?: wtf?
3. Have you been to any good concerts?: never been to one before
4. Who's the lead singer of your favorite band?: i have 2 favorite bands..
5. What do you think of the band Paramore?: they're the bomb. :B

[20] Surveys;;
1. How many surveys do you take a day?: sometimes a lot and sometimes none or less.
2. What's your favorite kind of survey?: those [x] ones. o_o
3. What's your least favorite kind?: questions about gross stuff...
4. Have you ever made your own survey?: yeah.
5. How was this survey?: it was alright.
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20 Different Sections, 5 Different Questions
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