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 Which Mario World character are you?

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Which Mario World character are you? Empty
PostSubject: Which Mario World character are you?   Which Mario World character are you? EmptyWed Apr 08, 2009 12:36 am

[x] You like the colour red.
[ ] You're short compared to your sibling.
[ ] You work as a plumber.
[ ] You like a girl that you can't get your mind out of.
[x] You have a mustache. (AN IMAGINARY ONE :D)
[x] You love pasta!
[ ] You can't seem to find some time for relaxation.
[ ] You like horse-back riding.
[ ] You find yourself jumping around a lot.
[ ] You found an item in a block after you have hit it.
TOTAL for Mario: 3

[x] You like the colour green.
[ ] You're taller than your sibling.
[x] You love spaghetti!
[x] You fear getting into trouble.
[ ] You're a little slim.
[ ] You follow wherever your older sibling goes.
[x] You can be a cry-baby sometimes.
[x] You sometimes don't get attention.
[ ] You love to smash items.
[ ] You dislike turtles.
TOTAL for Luigi: 5

[x] You like the colour pink.
[ ] You live in a royal palace.
[ ] There's someone out there that won't leave you alone.
[ ] You always seem to get into trouble.
[x] It's always you that gets saved by someone.
[ ] You have blonde hair.
[x] You know how to bake.
[ ] Beauty is a must!
[ ] You love wearing dresses.
[x] You don't like rude people.
TOTAL for Peach: 4

[x] You like the colour yellow.
[ ] You have brown hair.
[ ] You have a best friend that likes you.
[ ] You have an ex-girl/boyfriend that once saved you in the past.
[ ] You have rival that seems to get all the fame.
[x] You enjoy playing tennis. (TABLE tennis)
[x] People can't seem to find you when you're needed.
[ ] You were once kidnapped.
[ ] You played golf before.
[x] You love flowers!
TOTAL for Daisy: 4

[x] You like piggy-backing people.
[x] You love dinosaurs!
[ ] You own brown boots.
[x] Throwing eggs at people is fun. (never done it before, but that'll be fun o.O)
[x] You're sometimes treated like a baby.
[ ] You once saved a baby from getting hurt.
[ ] You have a long tongue.
[ ] You don't like lifting heavy weights.
[x] Your head is kind of big. (bigger than bella's..)
[x] Eating people's food is cool. (HAHA WTF)
TOTAL for Yoshi: 6

[x] You love plotting evil plans.
[x] You have a short temper.
[x] You know someone you can't stand.
[x] Turtles are the best!
[ ] You're plans are always interrupted or ruined.
[ ] Your shoe size is 9+.
[ ] You once allied with your enemy.
[x] You can be selfish sometimes.
[ ] You're recognized by the way you act.
[x] You have a creepy laugh. (MUAHAHAHAHAHA o_o)
TOTAL for Bowser: 6

[x] You can be very shy at some points.
[x] You like to play pranks on people.
[ ] You love hiding things.
[ ] You look like you frown a lot.
[ ] You have beady eyes.
[ ] You cackle a lot.
[x] If you work too much, you get angry.
[x] White is a cool shade.
[ ] You seem to not have any hair.
[ ] Stealing coins is what you like to do.
TOTAL for Boo: 4

[x] You sometimes wear a vest.
[ ] You're sometimes mistaken for an object. (lol wow)
[ ] You have a mushroom for a head. (wth)
[ ] You're short.
[x] You can't decide who's side you should be on.
[x] You once backstabbed someone for your own safety.
[x] You don't like to be bossed around.
[x] You wear/have white pants.
[ ] You sometimes get bullied by the big guys.
[x] You run away when you feel scared.
TOTAL for Toad: 6

Now look back and check who's character are you most like by looking at the highest total. Repost this as "I am __________."

Tie between..
YOSHI (yay), BOWSER (am i really that evil?), and TOAD (that cute mushroom guy)
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Which Mario World character are you?
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