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 Music Shuffle Game

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PostSubject: Music Shuffle Game   Music Shuffle Game EmptyThu Apr 09, 2009 1:06 am

The rules are simple. Open whatever music player or MP3 device you use most often and put it on shuffle. For each number hit the next song button and that will be what you use to fill in the blank of each statement. No matter how insane, stupid, or ludicrous the answer may seem you must go with the first song, no exceptions. This is a test to see how well your music/music player knows you (but not really, it’s just fun to do).

you can just make them up if you want.

1. Some days I just feel like
I Hate This Part - Pussycat Dolls

2. Right now I am thinking
Pokerface - Lady Gaga

3. My favorite type of day is
Misery Business - Paramore

4. Nothing beats a good
How Do You Sleep? - Jesse McCartney ft. Ludacris

5. When stuff confuses me, I just say
Fantasy - Danny Fernandes

6. My view on sex is summed up with this word/phrase..
Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench

7. What is your first thought when you meet someone new?
No You Girls - Frans Ferdinand

8. I hope my last words are
Love Games - Lady Gaga

9. Myspace quizzes like this are dumb. I’d rather
Baby Doll - Girlicious

10. At my funeral, they’d better be listening to
The Show - Lenka

12. Some days I just want to scream out
Untouched - The Veronicas

13. I love to eat, especially when the food tastes like
February Air - Lights

14. I’m not racist, I just like to
If You Seek Amy - Britney Spears

15. Lots of these made no sense, but that’s because
Kiss Me Thru the Phone - Soulja Boy

16. My music knows me best, that’s why it knows that all I want for Christmas is
Right Round - Flo Rida ft. Kesha

17. When I laugh a lot of people say I sound like
Crush - David Archuleta

18. My feelings on gay marriage are summed up in this word/phrase
Love Lockdown - Kanye West

19. If that last one made no sense to you, then I just have this to say to you
Decode - Paramore

20. My last thought after this little quiz thing is this
Misery Business - Paramore
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Music Shuffle Game
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